Eloping in Ireland
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Eloping in Ireland – The Ultimate Guide (2024)

If you’re considering eloping in Ireland, you’re in for a treat!

There are few places as enchanting and romantic as Ireland.

From its rolling green hills to its rugged coastline, Ireland offers breathtaking landscapes and an unrivalled charm that makes it a perfect destination for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of traditional weddings.

Eloping to Ireland allows couples to experience a unique and intimate wedding ceremony, with stunning backdrops that are sure to make your heart skip a beat.

Imagine exchanging your vows atop a rugged cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or in a quaint, centuries-old castle tucked away in the countryside. The possibilities are endless.

This ultimate guide to eloping in Ireland covers everything you need to know to have a successful elopement day – from the pros and cons of eloping in Ireland, to the legal requirements, to where to have an Irish elopement.

So let’s get to it!

The Pros and Cons of eloping in Ireland

Let’s have a look at why you should elope in Ireland, and why you might not want to.

The Pros

  • Stunning Landscapes

Ireland boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, from rugged coastlines to rolling green hills.

If you’re wondering where to elope in Ireland, you’re spoiled for choice.

Ireland offers the chance to exchange vows in many truly awe-inspiring and unique locations, making for unforgettable memories and stunning wedding photos.

  • Unique Experience

Eloping in Ireland offers a chance to create a truly unique and intimate wedding experience.

Whether you choose to exchange vows in a castle, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or in a quiet forest, you have the freedom to create a ceremony that reflects your individual style and preferences.

  • Warm Hospitality

Ireland is known for its friendly and welcoming people.

Eloping couples can expect to be greeted with warmth and hospitality, which can make the wedding experience even more memorable and enjoyable.

  • Cost-effective

Eloping in Ireland can be more cost-effective than having a traditional wedding. Because elopements are typically smaller, there may be fewer expenses related to venues, catering, and decorations.

Additionally, many eloping couples opt for simpler attire and photography packages, which can also help keep costs down.

  • Less Stress

Eloping in Ireland can be a less stressful option for couples who are looking to avoid the stress of planning a traditional wedding.

With fewer guests and less planning involved, couples can focus on enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of the location.

The cons

  • Legal Requirements

Couples who wish to elope in Ireland must meet certain legal requirements, such as providing the proper documentation and arranging for a registered solemniser to perform the ceremony.

There is also a requirement to give at least 3 months notice, interview with a registrar (which can be done online), and meet with the registrar 5 days before the ceremony to sign documents.

These requirements can be time-consuming and may require additional planning.

  • Travel Expenses

Travel expenses can add up quickly, especially if couples are flying to Ireland from another country.

Additionally, couples may need to pay for accommodations and transportation while in Ireland, which can further increase costs.

  • Limited Guest List

Eloping means that only a limited number of people can attend the wedding.

For some couples, this may be an advantage, but for others, it can be difficult to choose who to invite and who to leave out.

  • Weather

While Ireland is known for its stunning landscapes, it is also known for its unpredictable weather.

Couples who elope in Ireland may need to be prepared for rain, wind, or other adverse weather conditions.

  • Cost

Saying “I do” in Ireland can be expensive compared to some cheaper European destinations.

Although not as expensive as tying the knot in the UK, Ireland is not too far off.

Overall, eloping in Ireland can be a truly unforgettable and unique wedding experience.

However, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons before making a decision, to ensure that it’s the right choice for you as a couple.

How to plan an elopement in Ireland – A Step-by-Step guide

Planning an elopement in Ireland can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it requires careful planning and attention to detail.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to planning the elopement of your dreams in the Emerald Isle.

We will go in to more details on some of these points further down.

  • Choose a time and date

The first step in planning an elopement in Ireland is to choose a time and date that works for you and your partner.

Consider factors such as weather, seasonal tourism, and any personal preferences.

  • Plan a budget

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on your elopement in Ireland.

Consider costs such as travel, accommodation, ceremony location, vendors, and any other expenses that may arise.

  • Check the legal requirements

You can see our guide on the legal requirements below, but fundamentally you must research and understand these requirements.

Once you have researched, get the paperwork in order and keep a mind to the notice and waiting periods required.

  • Choose a location

Ireland is full of stunning locations, from castles to cliffsides.

Decide on a location that reflects your style and preferences.

Research any permits or permissions needed for your chosen location.

  • Figure out the guest list

Determine who, if anyone, you want to invite to your elopement in Ireland.

Keep in mind that elopements are typically small, intimate affairs.

  • Hire an elopement officiant/a registered solemniser

In Ireland, elopements must be performed by a registered solemniser (of which there is an official list of).

Research and hire an officiant that aligns with your vision for your ceremony and will work well with your personalities.

  • Hire vendors

Consider hiring vendors such as photographers, musicians, and florists to enhance your elopement experience. Research and book vendors well in advance to ensure availability.

  • Arrange accommodation and transport

If you’re traveling from outside of Ireland, research and book accommodation and transportation for the duration of your stay.

Consider whether you’ll need a rental car or other transportation.

  • Plan the details of the ceremony

Consider the details of your ceremony, such as attire, decor, and any personal touches you’d like to include.

Work with your officiant and vendors to plan the ceremony and ensure that all the details align with your vision.

  • Enjoy your elopement

Once all the planning is done, it’s time to relax and enjoy your elopement in Ireland.

Take in the beauty of your chosen location and savor the intimacy of your special day.

And if you don’t relish the idea of doing all this planning, you can also opt for an Ireland elopement package to take all the planning and stress away.

How to elope – an in-depth walkthrough

If you want to read more about how to plan an elopement, including the details or the ceremony and reception, be sure to check our our guide on how to plan an elopement.

How can I legally elope in Ireland? Legal requirements for getting married in Ireland

If you’re considering eloping in Ireland, it’s important to be aware of the requirements for getting legally married in the country.

You must ensure that you meet all the legal requirements for getting married the Emerald Isle to so that your elopement is legally recognized.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Marriage Registration Form/Marriage License

You will need a Marriage Registration Form. This is a marriage license.
You can obtain this form from a HSE civil registration service after meeting with them.

  • Giving notice and Waiting period

Couples must give notice, in person, at a civil registration service, at least 3 months before your proposed elopement date.

You will need to book an appointment to do this, and both of you must attend.

However, if you are not in Ireland, you can give notice by post by contacting a civil registration service.

Again, you must give 3 months notice, and then you will need the registrar at least 5 days before the elopement to sign a declaration form.

  • EU and foreign national requirements

You will need to have an interview with a registrar if you are an EU citizen getting wed to a non-EU citizen, or if at least one of you is a foreign citizen.

  • Documentation

Both you and your partner will need to provide photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license.

  • Residency

You do not need to be a resident of Ireland to get married in the country, but you will need to provide proof of your stay in the country, such as a hotel reservation or rental agreement.

  • Officiant/Solemniser

In Ireland, only registered solemnisers are authorized to perform legal marriages.

You’ll need to hire a registered solemniser for your elopement ceremony.

You can find one on the Register of Solemnisers.

  • Witnesses

Two witnesses are required to be present at the wedding ceremony and sign the marriage license.

  • Legal age

Both you and your partner must be at least 18 years old to get tie the knot in Ireland.

  • Divorce

If either you or your partner has been previously married, you’ll need to provide a divorce decree or annulment certificate.

Can foreigners get married in Ireland? – Legal requirements for a foreigner

Yes, foreigners can get married in Ireland. However, they must meet the legal requirements for getting married in the country, listed above.

Two important things to remember are that foreigners must also comply with the waiting period of at least three months after applying for a marriage license before the wedding ceremony can be held, and you must give notice.

You can meet with a registrar online, but you will need to sign the declaration form with the registrar at least 5 days before the elopement ceremony.

Can British Citizens get married in Ireland?

Yes, British citizens can get married in Ireland.

As long as they meet the legal requirements (above), such as getting a Marriage Registration Form, hiring a registered solemniser, giving correct notice, and having two witnesses present at the ceremony, British citizens can legally elope in Ireland.

It’s important to note that Brexit has impacted the legal requirements for British citizens getting exchanging vows in Ireland, and they may need to provide additional documentation depending on their circumstances.

It’s recommended that British citizens research and understand the current legal requirements before eloping in Ireland.

A marriage in Ireland will also be legally recognized in the UK, if you follow the Irish requirements.

Can US Citizens get married in Ireland? Can Americans elope in Ireland?

Yes, US citizens can get legally married in Ireland, as long as they follow the legal requirements stated previously.

Americans eloping in Ireland may also need to provide additional documentation, such as a certificate of no impediment or a declaration of freedom to marry.

It’s important for US citizens to research and understand the legal requirements for eloping in Ireland to ensure a smooth and legal elopement.

Additionally, it’s recommended that American citizens consult with the US embassy in Ireland for further guidance on the process.

The Cost of Eloping in Ireland

To have a successful wedding day that has a minimum amount of stress, you’re going to want a solid budget.

But how much is it to elope in Ireland?

The cost of eloping in Ireland can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the location, time of year, and vendors hired.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the costs you can expect to incur:

  • Venue

Ireland has many stunning and picturesque venues, ranging from historic castles to scenic beaches. Prices can vary widely, but on average, expect to pay between €500-€3000.

  • Solemniser cost

The cost of hiring a registered solemniser can range from €200-€500.

  • Marriage license fee

The fee for a marriage license in Ireland is €200.

  • Photographer costs

An elopement photographer can capture the beautiful memories of your elopement. The cost of a photographer can range from €1000-€2500.

  • Accommodation costs

Depending on your chosen location and the length of your stay, accommodation costs can vary. On average, expect to pay between €100-€300 per night.

  • Transport costs

If you plan to explore the country during your elopement, you’ll need to factor in transport costs. Car rentals start at around €25 per day, while private transfers can range from €100-€300.

  • Other vendor costs

Other vendors you may need to hire include a florist, hair and makeup artist, and musician. Prices for these services can range from €100-€500.

On average, an elopement in Ireland can cost between €2500-€7000, depending on your chosen location and vendors hired.

It’s important to plan your budget carefully and prioritize the vendors that are most important to you to ensure that your elopement is both memorable and affordable.

Another thing to consider is looking at Ireland elopement packages so that your elopement has a fixed cost.

This will also take a lot of the stress of the planning away!

Tips for budgeting an Ireland elopement

If you want to save money, we’ve prepared these tips for you to help bring down the cost of your Irish elopement.

  • Choose a weekday or off-season wedding date

Venues and vendors may offer discounted rates for weekday or off-season weddings.

  • Opt for a simpler venue

Instead of a traditional venue, consider a free or low-cost option such as a public park or beach.

  • Hire a new photographer

Elopement photographers can take a large portion of your budget. Consider hiring a new photographer with not as much experience, who may offer more affordable rates.

  • Skip the extras

Consider skipping unnecessary extras such as a wedding cake, decorations, or elaborate floral arrangements.

  • Keep the guest list small

Elopements are typically intimate affairs, so keep your guest list small to save on costs.

  • DIY where possible

Consider DIYing certain elements such as decorations or even hair and makeup to save on vendor costs.

You could also ask some of your fmaily and friends to pitch in as their wedding gift to you!

By implementing these tips, you can save money on your elopement in Ireland without sacrificing the beauty and romance of the occasion.

Remember to prioritize what’s most important to you and your partner to ensure that your elopement is a true reflection of your love and commitment to one another.

How much does it cost to elope? The ultimate guide

If you want to read more about budgeting an elopement, be sure to check our our guide on how much to spend on getting eloped.

The best places to elope in Ireland

Ireland is a breathtakingly beautiful country, and there are countless locations that are perfect for an elopement.

From natural locations, to cities, to castles and manors, Ireland has it all.

Here are some of the best places to consider:

These stunning cliffs offer sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and are a popular destination for elopements.

This park is home to lush forests, sparkling lakes, and towering mountains, making it a perfect backdrop for a romantic elopement.

If you’re looking for a city wedding, Dublin City Hall offers a beautiful and historic location for your elopement.

This magnificent castle is a luxurious and romantic setting for your elopement, complete with elegant rooms, beautiful gardens, and stunning views.

This picturesque valley is home to ancient monastic ruins and offers a serene and peaceful location for your elopement.

This beautiful country manor offers a charming and romantic setting for your elopement, with its elegant rooms and scenic gardens.

This unique and otherworldly landscape offers a stunning backdrop for your elopement, with its rocky hills and expansive views.

No matter where you choose to elope in Ireland, you’re sure to find a beautiful and romantic location that will create memories to last a lifetime.

From natural locations like the Cliffs of Moher and Killarney National Park to historic cities and luxurious castles, there’s something for every couple to love in Ireland.

What is the best month for eloping in Ireland?

Ireland’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, and it can be difficult to know the best time of year to plan your elopement.

That being said, there are some months that are generally more favorable than others.

May and June

May and June are often considered to be the best months to elope in Ireland.

During these months, the weather is typically mild, with temperatures ranging from 50-65°F (10°C – 18°C).

The days are also longer, giving you more time to explore the beautiful countryside or take stunning photos.

July and August

July and August are also popular months for elopements in Ireland.

However, these months can be quite busy, as they are peak tourist season.

Accommodation prices may also be higher during these months, so it’s important to plan ahead.


If you’re looking to save money, consider eloping in Ireland during the off-season.

The winter months (December-February) are typically the least busy, and you may be able to find good deals on accommodation and other vendors.

Ultimately, the best month to elope in Ireland will depend on your personal preferences and priorities.

If you’re looking for mild weather and longer days, May and June may be your best bet. If you don’t mind a little rain and want to save money, consider the off-season.

Regardless of when you choose to elope, Ireland’s stunning landscapes and warm hospitality are sure to make your special day unforgettable.

Should you have an elopement in Ireland?

If you’re thinking about eloping, Ireland is a wonderful choice.

Its stunning landscapes, historic cities, and warm hospitality make it the perfect destination for a romantic and intimate wedding.

With careful planning, you can create a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.

So get ready to fall in love with the Emerald Isle and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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